CONVO 001: Own It.


We have this conversation about perception all the time.
We catch ourselves CARING A LOT but not so much in a good way. We let people define who we are and that ONE phrase will stay imbedded in our brain until we finally let it go. 
How are we speaking to ourselves?
One time someone said to me,
I moved to New York and started to go to many auditions to become a pop singer. Everything was photo based. You could have the most amazing voice BUT if you didn’t look the part, you most likely didn’t get it. It was all about the physical during these auditions. Especially for pop auditions- you just had to look a certain way and be super skinny. 
I wanted to expand and push the "norm." I just wanted to perform ALL THE TIME.


I used to make jokes about my body all the time and put myself down without even thinking about it. One of my friends had to call me out and address what I was doing to myself. 

I had to push myself and show up 100%. 


I've learned to appreciate my body more and OWN it. At first, it may have been a fake it ‘til you make it situation but I start to talk about my body less in a negative way. None of that poor me attitude. This is what I am. Own it.


Founding BRAVE is one of my proudest moments. During these concerts, I collaborated with all different women who didn't even know each other but then would come on stage and empower one another. All we did was support each other and create together. Music connected us.
Sariah is the Founder of BRAVE. Sariah is spreading a message of female empowerment and awareness through her inspiring BRAVE concert series.
BRAVE is a celebration of female strength through music. 
Follow her journey!


Thank your body today. Let go of the past. Let's own it.

Thanks for reading xx