#5Bbabe 003: Caroline

Let's support small businesses and the babes who run it! Today we're featuring one of our friends, the Founder of Clayoline.

Featuring Caroline.
Howdy! My name is Caroline. I'm a mom of a budding toddler and I founded my small business, Clayoline, creating small-batch, handmade accessories.
What got you started?
After creating some home decor items with air dry clay, I decided to dabble into another kind: polymer clay. I am the type of person who needs to constantly have some sort of creative outlet. (sewing, painting, gardening, baking. the list goes on and on) When I realized the detail that could be created with polymer clay- I was hooked. Endless possibilities.
What keeps you motivated during this time?

I look up to a few makers in my industry. They inspire me and motivate me to create the best products for my brand. I've joined a few polymer clay artist groups and the positivity and support in them are overwhelming. It's truly an amazing niche I'm grateful to be a part of.
I know it's been said before, but juggling being a mom and working is HARD. Spending enough time with both my babies (my actually 1 year old baby and my small biz baby) is definitely THE hardest thing I've ever done. I'm still figuring out how to give them each 100% when I spend time with them, and I've realized lately that's ok!! Having a career let alone starting your own business while being a mom (already one of the hardest jobs on the planet) is challenging, but I'm conquering it one day at a time.

What inspires you?

I draw my inspiration from all over; living in the Pocono Mountains, there's TONS of natural beauty here. It's fun to find ways to translate that into modern feminine style. 

We're all about HANDMADE. Each piece is created and molded by Caroline. We're here for it. What's your favorite part of the process?

My FAVORITE part of the creative process is the actual creation/molding, where I'm sitting at my workbench with raw clay, thinking of executing one idea, and as I mix colors, cut pieces with an exact-o knife, something else I never could've imagined is created. Just going with the flow. That's when I do my best work.

What's your greatest learning point so far?

I think one of my biggest moments was actually a few weeks ago when I rediscovered the first pair of clay earrings I had made back in February (feels much longer than that!!) Let me just say, they were NOT CUTE lol. The progress I've made since then as a creator is amazing, I loved seeing my improvements over just this short amount of time. 

Knock out the "NORM," a word:

A big thing I've struggled with lately is my "mom bod". Since having my baby boy, my body has changed so much. Although people said it would happen, it was and still is a very hard thing for me to face and be comfortable with. There's a lot of "perfection" on instagram, especially with these IG mom's who just instantly "bounce back" after having kids.

The truth is, thats not the norm at all. My body, and many other women after they give birth, is a completely different body shape/size/etc than it ever was before. It's something I am slowly regaining confidence in everyday. In a way, creating beautiful jewelry for myself was a way to highlight my beauty and feminine side, without having to focus specifically on my body. Through this, I've been able to find beauty in myself in other ways and accept myself for where I'm at: being a great mom and creative small biz owner.

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