#5Bbabe 002: Naomi Seifu

Naomi Seifu

SOCIAL @naomiseifuu

Hi, I’m Naomi Seifu! I’m from Northern Virginia, born and raised. I come from two amazing Habesha (Ethiopian) parents. I graduate this December from Marymount University with a Bachelors in Communications and a minor in Public Relations. As of last year I helped startup a non profit organization called The Little Things, my baby. Our goal has been to bring everyday necessities to less fortunate people in the Washington DC area. Outside from my passion in helping others grow, I love trying new restaurant in DC as they have a flavor of almost every culture (I think I’ve been to almost all). I enjoy traveling around the globe with my girls, being a creative director for shoots (pre covid), and painting a bunch of nothing! 

Self Care with Naomi

I’ve never felt so cluttered and overwhelmed than now. I think because at times I or, most of us, feel stuck at home and can’t make any big plans it just naturally becomes a stressor. So what I like to do unclog all that stress is focus on what I can “control” and self care is huge for this! What I can control: my body, my knowledge I obtain, and my mind.

Wasn’t easy, but I like to start every morning not picking up my phone. This is my change. It makes such a major difference about how you can go about your morning. We’re all so quick to being connected and focused on “knowing” nowadays we tend to neglect what we actually want and what our bodies need. There’s no need for my phone to be my number one priority.

My self care: I wake up and stretch my body, I like to know that every morning when I wake up my body has the capability of doing whatever it wants. I am mobile and it’s a mindfulness practice of the appreciation of what your body is able to do.

Movement: Moving my body is important to me so I try to do Pilates at least once a day, TRY! I follow Melissa Wood Health, she’s amazing. Learning how to control your breath in difficult positions or when you simple feel out of breath from doing the hundreds has honestly given me strength. And note to everyone, it doesn’t matter if your doing a work out for 12, 17, or 35 minutes what matters is that you showed up for yourself and gave your self movement. That’s what really matters!
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